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Zhang Wukong
Zhang Wukong.jpg
Name Zhang Wukong
Kanji 張悟空
Romanji Chan Goku
Gender Male.png Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Taiwan


Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Sun Wukong (ancestor)

Benzaiten (love interest)

First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 23 (Akatsuki!! Otokojuku)
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Zhang Wukong is a Taiwanese martial artist in Akatsuki!! Otokojuku who joins Otokojuku following the World Man Cup and becomes a major character.

He claims to be a descendant of the Chinese folk hero Sun Wukong.


Wukong is a short man with short, spiky light-colored hair. He initially wears a black gi, but exchanges it for an Otokojuku uniform after Shishimaru, Nobunaga, and Akashi Juzo are forced to abandon their classmates to Todo Hyoei's artificial tsunami. He distinctly wears a gold headband around his head, and is later revealed to have a monkey tail. His facial features are initially very monkey-like, but he later begins to appear more human. He wields a quarterstaff with crescent-moon blades in battle.

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Powers and Abilities


Body-slicing Bondage (緊縛斬身瘢 Kinbaku Zanmihan): Zhang Wukong uses his extreme speed to create afterimages of himself, then proceeds to wrap his opponent up with sharp wires.

Saiya Dragon (砕亜怒羅権闘サイアドラゴン Saia Doragon): Zhang Wukong stabs a certain point in his ear with a needle, causing him to greatly increase in height and musculature, enhancing his power considerably. This technique is risky, as using it places a great strain on his heart.

Jindou Cloud Heaven Rising Kill: (キン斗雲昇天殺 Kintoun Nobori Tensatsu): A technique that involves the use of the Flying Terror Beetles that make up the Jindou Cloud Version 2. Wukong has his beetles carry his opponent high into the sky and then drop them.

Monkey Tail (猿尾 Saruo): An actual monkey tail that was transplanted onto Zhang Wukong's tailbone. This tail allows him to preform a number of various techniques that revolve around it.

  • Monkey Tail Flying Spinning Kill (猿尾てい翔天殺 Saruo Teishō Tensatsu): Zhang Wukong wields a spike on his tail and begins to rapidly spin it around like a buzzsaw.
  • Monkey Tail Ascending Thunder (猿尾天臨霹 Saruo Tenrinheki): A variation of the Descending Dragon, Ascending Thunder technique used by Wang Ta-ren. Zhang Wukong holds a staff with his tail and begins to rapidly spin it around to use it as a makeshift propellor.
    • Monkey Tail Whirlwind Force (猿尾扇風衝 Saru'o Ougi Fuushou) A situational technique Zhang used when the three mokeys of Raiden CLIII sacrificed their tails for him. He uses their tails, along with his own tail, to generate a whirlwind force like a high power fan.

Do-Ra-Gon Bo-Ra (怒羅混暴羅ドラゴンボウラ): Zhang Wukong stares into the moon, and then transforms into a vicious, gigantic monkey. This technique is actually known as Moonlight Bathing Super-Sized Method of Evolution.

  • Ultra Great Fart Cannon (ウルトラ大放屁 Urutora Daihohi): A technique identical to Toramaru Ryuji's own Great Fart Cannon. Although it was used only once as a desperation attack and also missed, it's power seems to be obviously much stronger than the original, due to Zhang's greater size in his were-monkey form.


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  • Zhang Wukong is based on the Chinese folk hero Sun Wukong, and claims him as his distant ancestor.
  • Aside from being a reference to Sun Wukong, some of his techniques are references to Dragon Ball, such as Saiya Dragon, which is essentially the Legendary Super Saiyan transformation, and his Do-Ra-Gon Bo-Ra technique, which is a reference to the Great Ape transformation of the Saiyans, and is even accessed by staring at a full moon.
  • It should be noted that even among the tone-deaf students of Otokojuku, Zhang Wukong is considered to be drastically more so. Whereas the chant done by the students of Otokojuku only stirred some distaste in the audience, Wukong's singing to counter Benzaiten's shamisen was bad enough that all of his teammates covered their ears in response.

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