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Zhang Daoling
Zhang Daoling.png
Name Zhang Daoling
Kanji 張道陵
Romanji Chan Doryo
Aliases Master Zhang
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Lotus Pagoda
Occupation Master of the Lotus Pagoda
Personal Status
Relatives Tai Son (pupil), Yao-lan (pupil), Zhao Tongzi (creation)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 108 (Sora Yori Takaku)
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I am the master of this temple. I am Master Zhang.

—Zhang Daoling, introducing himself.

Zhang Daoling is the master of the Lotus Pagoda.


He is a short, elderly chinese man with no nose and hair styled into a queue that wears a traditional chinese outfit, and overall resembles an older version of his creation, Zhao Tongzi.

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He is a wise, yet wily old man who isn't afraid to criticize his own disciples.

Powers and Abilities

He is a great sorceror who can bring objects to life and give them anthropomorphic forms, as well as conjuring illusions and such.


Journey to the West arc

Zhang Daoling was secretly the man in charge of the 3rd and last trial of the Lotus Pagoda, under the guise of Zhao Tongzi, a puppet he gave human shape to and used as a weapon against Sora, until the latter managed to tire him out in his true demon form, causing him to concede defeat and give him the map to Tianzhu, but not before returning Sora to his human form and bidding him and his friends farewel..

Major Battles

  • Zhang Daoling vs. Sora