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Name Zeus
Kanji 聖紆麈ゼウス
Gender Male.png Male
Status Deceased
Professional Status
Affiliation Olympus
Occupation God Chief
Personal Status
Relatives Zeus (son)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 106
Japanese Voice Mahito Ōba (PS2 game)

Norio Wakamoto (Audio Drama)

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Go to sleep, Jaki, my strongest old enemy!!

Zeus is the leader and Chief God of Olympus. Daigouin Jaki is his mortal enemy.


Zeus is a big, muscular man with blonde hair, a white greek's style robe and a laurel wreath on his head. He is equipped with various pieces of armor, such as bracelets and shoulder pads

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Like many other warriors in the series, he is an stoic and silent person. From what could be seen, he is quite perceptive and has great respect for his mortal rival, Daigouin Jaki, to the point where in his final moments, he calls him not only his greatest foe, but also his greatest friend.

Powers and Abilities

He is described as being the equal to Daigouin Jaki in every way by Edajima Heihachi himself, who also mentions that he and Jaki fought for 3 days and 3 nights, all without eating or sleeping before they both passed out from exhaustion, making it clear that Zeus is one of the strongest characters in Otokojuku.


Shining God Hands (シャイニング・ゴッド・ハンズ): Zeus' main weapons, a pair of oddly-shaped spiked gauntlets. These gauntlets had been passed down through Olympus for 3000 years, and are made of the superalloy Orichalcum, which is dozens of times harder than diamond. In addition, Orichalcum is able to reflect, concentrate, and amplify sunlight, allowing him to use the sunlight as a blinding tactic, or to augment his attacks with heat and fire.


Kansetsu Budou Taikai

In the Kansetsu Budou Taikai final, Zeus face Jaki in the finals. Both were extremely even in strength, so they were fighting for three days and three nights, until both were left unconscious due to fatigue. Since then, both have looked for the opportunity to resume their fight.

Great Heaven-Challenging Olympic Tournament

Zeus and his War Gods were selected to participate in the Great Heaven-Challenging Olympic Tournament. Because he wanted his men to stay fresh, he left the preliminaries to Achilles...until he was defeated by Senkuu of Otokojuku.

He then asked the oracle Delphi for advice, who revealed that the next warrior would die for the Bloody Cross, so he sent Gemini into battle. After the twins' defeat, their lieutenant, Centaur, introduced himself as the next fighter. Despite managing to defeat Henshouki, he fell under Gekkou's techniques. At that moment he saw that they were too powerful, and seeing that it was his opportunity to face Jaki again, he decided to go out to fight. His teammates asked him for one last chance to face Otokojuku...but they were all quickly dispatched by Jaki.

At last, face to face with his old rival, he lunged at him. Both managed to destroy parts of the protection of their adversaries, but seeing how even they were, he asked the oracle Delphi to bring him a box where he kept Greek Tinaconda, one of the most poisonous snakes in the world. The idea was simple: it would bite them, and the winner would drink the antidote. Jaki accepted, and after the snake bit both of them, they resumed their fight. Although soon after, he ordered Delphi to bring him his Shining God Hands from Oricalcum. Thus, using the reflection produced by the sun, he managed to blind his opponent to hit him later. After a few attacks, Jaki threw his own blood against his God Hands, causing them to no longer reflect the sun's rays.

Taking advantage of the confusion, Jaki snatched one of his God Hands, slamming it against Zeus's remaining one, destroying them. Then Jaki used his Fuubu Ourankaku to weaken Zeus, although it didn't do him much good, since Zeus got rid of the paper cranes. They threw themselves into combat again, but because the poison made them weaker and faster, Jaki managed to deliver the coup de grace, defeating Zeus. But, after so many years being his rival, he could not allow himself to see him and die...but Zeus refused to save him, preferring to inflict himself a mortal wound, to force Jaki to drink the antidote.

Once defeated, Zeus resigned himself to die, seeing how he had achieved what he longed for most: a rematch with Jaki.

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Appearances in Other Media

Sakigake!! Otokojuku (PS2 Game)

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  • Zeus is named after the chief god of Olympus in Greek mythology of the same name.
  • Zeus is named after a chief god, and possesses the Kanji for "Holy" in his name, and also wears light colored clothing and has light colored hair, while his rival, Daigouin Jaki, has the Kanji for Devil in his name and has dark colored hair and wears dark colored clothing. Because of this, the battle between him and Jaki can be referred to as a battle between God and the Devil as well as a battle between Light and Dark.

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