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Name Yomi
Kanji ヨミ
Gender Male.png Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Demon Realm
Occupation Prince
Partner Takamura
Personal Status
Relatives Devil King (father)

Sora (brother)

First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1 (Sora Yori Takaku)
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Yomi is the brother of Sora and son of the Devil King


He looks similar to his brother Sora, but has a more calmer and mature face. He also initially had a flat-top hairstyle, but it was changed for short, somewhat spiky hair.

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He is described as being the opposite of his younger brother Sora in every way, and it shows, as he is significantly more cold and stoic than his cheerful and extroverted younger brother, although he is arguably even more courageous than his younger brother, as he always plays by his own rules and goes by his own values, no matter how bizarre they make him come across in the human world, showing that he has a non-conformist and individualistic nature.

He is also a highly dedicated and dutiful individual, as he takes his mission with upmost seriousness, to the point where he studies everything there is to know to about Japan, as well as examining and memorizing the traits of everybody around him.

He dislikes greed, vanity, insincerity, and people who don't rely on themselves, and likewise, respects people who are honest, self-dependent, and unable to be swayed by material desire.

Powers and Abilities

Although he lost almost all of his powers when he was sent to the mortal world in the form of a human, one of his abilities is to summon money that is indistinguishable from the natural thing.


Major Battles

  • Yomi vs. Connor Linguiski