Togashi Genji
Togashi Genji
Name Togashi Genji
Kanji 富樫源次
Gender Male Male
Birthday April 10
Height 5'10½" (179 cm)
Weight 196 lbs (89 kg)
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Otokojuku
Occupation Edajima's Secretary
Personal Status
Relatives Togashi Genzo (father)

Togashi Genkichi (brother)

First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 2 (Sakigake!! Otokojuku)
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Ken Yamaguchi (anime)

Hideo Ishikawa (PS3 game)

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Behold the guts of Togashi Genji!!

Togashi Genji is a major character in Sakigake!! Otokojuku, and one of the first characters to be introduced. He has little formal martial arts training of his own, usually taking on opponents stronger than he is and trying to outlast them.


Togashi is easily recognizable by his schoolcap, which is a memento from his brother, and the scar over his left eye, which is never explained. He also has long, disheveled black hair and a pencil mustache. He wears a standard Otokojuku uniform, rarely buttoned up, and in the anime it is depicted as black. He usually wears bandages on his wrists and waist, which he tucks his knife into.

He appears more professional in Sora Yori Takaku, wearing a suit with his hair shorter and combed back. However, he wears his Otokojuku uniform again in the war against EXP.

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Togashi calls his style Brawler Killing Style (ケンカ殺法, Kenka Sappo). While not a formal style per se, its focus on knifing and street-fighting power combined with Togashi's incredible guts make him able to hold his own against many traditional martial artists. Togashi can use the following techniques:

White-Tooth Blade-Catcher (真剣白歯どり, Shinken Shiraha-dori): While the traditional "shinken shiraha-dori" involves catching a blade mid-swing with two clasped hands, Togashi is able to stop a blade with his teeth.

Midair Double Kick (宙回二段蹴り, Chuukai Nidan-geri): Togashi does a full midair rotation, delivering two kicks.

Ball Crusher (金玉つぶし, Kintama Tsubushi): The ultimate technique of the Brawler Killing Style. Does as the name suggests.

Volunteer Bombing Kill (爆挺殺, Bakuteisatsu): A suicidal technique where Togashi straps 10kg of dynamite to his chest and charges at the opponent.

Blood Battle Reinforcement (血闘援, Kettouen): Togashi carves the character for "battle" into his chest to show his support for his partner Hien.

Boar Leaping Jumping Body Cannon (豭門跳體砲, Kamon Choutaihou): Combination move with Toramaru Ryuji. Togashi ties a rubber string to his legs and holds onto a pair of stakes in the ground, acting like a slingshot to launch Toramaru at the opponent. While this technique is fast and allows Toramaru to close the distance almost instantly, Toramaru is also unable to change direction mid-flight.

Great Fart Cannon Human Wheel (大放屁人間車輪, Daihouhi Ningen Sharin): Combination move with Toramaru Ryuji. Togashi and Toramaru each clasp each other's ankles, and roll towards their opponent until they are within range of Toramaru's Great Fart Cannon, which is followed up by a dagger attack by Togashi.


Early Life and OrphanhoodEdit

Togashi Genji's father was Togashi Genzo, a navy pilot and a wartime friend of the young Edajima Heihachi. Edajima first met Togashi Genji when delivering his condolences to Genzo's widow after Genzo's death on Saman Island. However, Togashi was taken hostage by Isa Takemitsu, who threatened to kill him unless Edajima led him to the atomic bomb Edajima had created. When Edajima had done so and Takemitsu was about to kill him, Togashi threw his toy airplane in Takemitsu's face, giving Edajima time to break free and turn the tables.

Togashi's mother died not long after, leaving him to be raised by his brother Togashi Genkichi. Genkichi eventually enrolled in Otokojuku, to Togashi's great delight. However, a few months later, Genkichi was killed by Dokugantetsu and Senkuu in the Great Trembling Conquest of the Unified Eight, leaving behind the words "Head of the Third-Years Daigouin Jaki" and "Great Trembling Conquest of the Unified Eight". Thinking that Jaki had killed his brother, Togashi swore revenge against him and resolved to enroll in Otokojuku to find the man who killed his brother.

First Year at OtokojukuEdit

Togashi entered Otokojuku three years later, using every bit of spare time to find the Third-Years, but to no avail. He soon became Tsurugi Momotaro's best friend, but also the target of the instructors' malice. He was forced to commit hara-kiri by Oni-Hige for eating during his class, but escaped this fate by hiding a kitten in his shirt. Soon after, Gokukoji Hidemaro arrived at Otokojuku and singled him out as a coward, causing Togashi to enter the Oil Bath to prove his true guts.

During the Second-Years' Meeting Ceremony, Togashi volunteered to participate in their game of "Slash-a-Mole", a game similar to Whack-a-Mole but played with a sword instead of a hammer, against Maruyama. Togashi dodged a few of Maruyama's attacks before catching the blade in his teeth. Togashi also was active in the First-Years' efforts to perform the Head Seal on Edajima, and was the first student to take Edajima head-on as a last resort.

Togashi arrived late to Akashi Gouji's Reinstatement Ceremony, and as such was subjected to the Guillotine before being saved by Momo at the last minute. When Momo faced Akashi later, during the Killoseum, Togashi interrupted the battle by stealing a police officer's pistol and shooting Akashi. However, Akashi sliced the bullet in half and dealt a lethal blow to Togashi, who encouraged Momo to keep on fighting. After the battle, Togashi revealed that he was unharmed, and the blood was only chicken blood, causing the spectators to think that the match was fixed.

Togashi also fell victim to an old lady's scam, who made him take care of her as his mother, saying he resembled her son who died in the war, with the promise of her ten million yen inheritance. When it was revealed that she was actually penniless and in debt to the yakuza, Togashi was at first indignant, but later raided the yakuza headquarters to save the old lady.

During the Ocean Island Tour, Togashi was singled out by Monk Onitako, whose head he had harpooned, mistaking him for an octopus. As a result, Onitako forced him to take part in his Human Watermelon Bash, burying him up to his head in sand with a bell in his mouth, while he tried to slash his head with a sword while blindfolded. While Togashi was succeeding in keeping quiet at first, he raised a scream when a crab stuck its claws up his nose. However, Onitako's slash killed the crab instead of him.

Togashi was also part of Captain Ahab's plan to kill Moby Dick, having to drop sticks of dynamite on Moby Dick from a giant high-flying kite, only for Moby Dick to bat the dynamite back through his kite and back to Ahab. He also was forced by Major Rambo to take part in target practice, having to shoot a jug of water over Hidemaro's head with a machine gun, to douse the dynamite fuse on Hidemaro's head.

Togashi was first Otokojuku student to take on the American exchange students in Otokojuku's specialty, Boxing. Having never boxed in his life, he found himself completely on the ropes against high school Welterweight champion Brian Jones, only managing to win when he switched his spiked boxing gloves from his hands to his feet, taking advantage of their extended reach and increased power to knock Brian Jones out.

The Four Great Trials of TerrorEdit

During the Otokojuku School Festival, the instructors had Togashi participate in the House of Fists, tying him to a stake and offering people to pay 1000 yen to punch him in the face as a stress reliever, with a 100,000 yen prize for knocking him out. He held out for a while but was knocked out by Onyudo from the Kanto Great Student Alliance, who claimed the prize. Later, he and the other First-Years found Onyudo, who had just been pummeled by J, and tied him to a stake for spectators to throw rocks at.

Togashi also fought on Otokojuku's side during the Rugby match, attempting to hold the defensive line against Morita Taiki with a massive log. However, Morita made short work of the log with his Chain-Axe, passing Togashi only to run into Momo. After the festival had finished, and learning that the instructors had only anesthetized them during the Rugby match, rather than poisoning them, and had raised all the money for themselves rather than charity, Togashi began beating up Oni-Hige, claiming that the anesthetic had caused his arms to go out of control.

When Date Omito finally challenged Otokojuku to the Four Great Trials of Terror, Togashi was selected as one of the fighters from Otokojuku's team, along with Momo, J, and Toramaru Ryuji. He was matched up against Hien in the Battle of the Midair Cliff, whom he instantly clashed with because of Hien's handsome looks. Hien seemed to be at an advantage in midair, especially after using his Thousand Cranebeak Needles to paralyze Togashi's arms, forcing him to hold onto the rope with his teeth. However, the other First-Years' Great Chime Yell encouraged him to continue fighting regardless of his paralysis, but he still fell off the cliff face. Rather than dying, a strong updraft carried Togashi back to Hien, shocking his arms back into motion enough to cling onto Hien's hair. When Hien cut his hair off to let Togashi fall, Togashi delivered a spinning kick to take Hien down with him.

Togashi was presumed dead for the remainder of the Trials, but was revealed to have been saved by the Third-Years with his wounds treated.

Tendo ShrineEdit

Following Togashi's return to Otokojuku after recovering from the Four Great Trials of Terror, he, Momo, J, and Toramaru were summoned to Tendo Shrine by Daigouin Jaki, for audience with the Third-Years. Upon hearing Jaki's name, Togashi's demeanor changed to a more grim, serious one. When they arrived in the Corridor of the Deity, Togashi cut off Toramaru in order that he could face Dokugantetsu, the first of the guardians, in the Chamber of Ten Thousand Needles. After struggling to hop across the massive spikes and dodge Dokugantetsu's bladed yo-yo, Togashi managed to deliver his midair double kick, which satisfied Dokugantetsu enough to let them pass.

After J completed Henshouki's challenge, Togashi finally revealed his past to his friends, including his brother and the reason he enrolled at Otokojuku. He swears that he will kill Jaki, and encourages the others to leave so that he doesn't drag them into his revenge. Upon hearing this, Toramaru assures Togashi of their camaraderie, and insists that they stick together.

However, once Toramaru completed Baron Deino's challenge and the four were invited into Tendo Shrine to have audience with Jaki, Togashi rushed in ahead and bolted the door so he could face Jaki alone, saying farewell to his friends as they tried to break the door down. When Togashi turns to face Jaki, he is taken aback by Jaki's enormous size, but still stands against him. He attempts to stab Jaki in the hand, but Jaki crushes his knife into tiny pieces. All his other attacks are easily repelled by Jaki's immense power.

In desperation, Togashi straps 10kg of dynamite to his body and lights them, dodging Jaki's kick to swing from his foot and grab his hair from behind. He cautions the Third-Years to escape, but none move a muscle, knowing that Togashi is incapable of killing Jaki. Jaki easily throws Togashi around with his neck, and cuts the fuses of the dynamite off, letting the tips explode in his hand. Though Jaki originally intended for Togashi and the others to die in the Great Trembling Conquest of the Unified Eight, he decided that Togashi had gone too far and must die. Finally, Momo and the others manage to break through the door, only to see Jaki holding Togashi's bloody body. As Jaki was about to deliver the killing blow, Momo throws his sword into Jaki's arm to stop him. He then punches Togashi in the face, chastising him for trying to act alone, before facing Jaki.

Great Trembling Conquest of the Unified EightEdit

Having survived his encounter with Jaki, Togashi went on to partake in the Great Trembling Conquest of the Unified Eight. He was partnered up with Hien, and was scheduled to enter the second battle. However, between the first and second battles, Togashi rushes ahead and almost falls off the massive breach in the wall, until he is caught by Momo. When Tazawa Shinichiro, Matsuo Taio, and the rest of the First-Yaers form the Thousand-Man Bridge, Togashi states that he can't debase his classmates by stepping over top of them, causing Tazawa to shout back at him insisting that he understand how they feel. Upon their supposed deaths, Togashi breaks his fist on the ground in frustration. He then chides for Gokukoji Hidemaro to not cry, and begins singing the Otokojuku school anthem.

As Togashi and the remaining fighters climb the stairwell leading to the Ladder and Basin of the Dragon, Wang Ta-ren revealed to Togashi that it was not Jaki that killed his brother, but Dokugantetsu and Senkuu during the exact same battle that he was about to partake in. No sooner did Togashi and Hien step forward to enter the battle, than Hien saved Togashi from Dokugantetsu's yo-yo. Burning with rage against Dokugantetsu, Togashi tried to rush onto the ladder, only for Hien to leap onto the ladder ahead of him. Hien commented that Togashi didn't stand a chance as hot-headed as he was, and had him wait and cool down.

When Hien was on the ropes against Dokugantetsu, Togashi drew his knife, getting a warning from Wang Ta-ren that interference would cause his disqualification. Togashi ensured Wang Ta-ren that he would never do such a thing, and instead carved the Blood Battle Reinforcement into his chest. This bold measure was enough to encourage Hien to turn the tables and defeat Dokugantetsu.

After Senkuu took Dokugantetsu's place, Togashi insisted that Hien switch places with him, only for Hien to refuse, saying that he had no chance given his lack of knowledge of kung-fu. After Hien's death, Togashi took to the stage, only for the ladder to be replaced with several platforms floating in acid, called the Floating Battle of the Dragon's Basin. Right at the outset, Togashi nearly loses his balance and almost falls into the acid. Though he righted himself, he had a clear disadvantage against Senkuu, but despite taking heavy injuries, he mustered up enough strength to stab Senkuu in the foot.

While Togashi expected Senkuu to fall into the acid, Senkuu turned out to be just as capable of fighting on his hands, revealing his Dancing Heel Blades. Once again in pressure, Togashi tried attacking Senkuu from above, only to be countered by the Fierce Surrounding Drop of Death. While that at first seemed fatal to Togashi, he still got up, and revealed the extensible blade on his knife. Togashi climbed the rope to attack from above, daring Senkuu to counter him again. When Senkuu did so, Togashi stabbed himself through his chest, with Senkuu behind him, determined to bring the battle to a draw. However, Senkuu was moved by Togashi's guts, and threw him back onto the ladder while he fell into the acid. Gravely injured but not dead, Togashi was taken away for treatment.

Togashi, along with J and Toramaru, recovered soon enough to appear during the aftermath of Momo's fight with Daigouin Jaki, demanding an account from Edajima Heihachi for the necessity of such bloodshed between students, and even punched out Oni-Hige when he chastised Togashi for questioning the Principal. When Edajima gave the unsatisfactory answer of "I am the Principal of Otokojuku, Edajima Heihachi", Togashi was enraged and charged at him with his dagger, only to have his leg caught by Jaki, who told him of the Great Heaven-Challenging Olympic Tournament and instructed him to trust the Principal.

Great Heaven-Challenging Olympic TournamentEdit

Togashi was among the sixteen fighters sent to fight in the Great Heaven-Challenging Olympic Tournament. Though he and Toramaru were constantly eager to fight, and tried to get their turn to fight whenever they could, they did not fight in the preliminaries. A running gag would be that a more competent fighter would reach the arena just as they tried to reach it themselves. They would also react to every move made by one of the fighters.

Togashi and Toramaru did get their chance to fight during the first round of the tournament proper, facing off against A-men & Um-men, vice-heads of the Baolong Black Lotus Pearls. While initially surprised that no one was attempting to stop them, they were overcome with emotion by the fact that their turn had finally come. While Date questions Momo's decision, Momo reveals that they have undergone secret training for the tournament.

However, due to their lack of coordination, they found themselves at the mercy of the Aum Fist. Eventually, Togashi was knocked off the arena and was left hanging on the ledge, with Toramaru hanging on his leg. Um-men went in to deliver the final blow, only for Togashi to bite his finger off, then swing Toramaru back onto the ledge. Toramaru and Togashi then revealed their new combination attack, the Boar Leaping Jumping Body Cannon. Togashi launched Toramaru at A-men and Um-men a number of times, until A-men and Um-men countered this with the Dancing Ring Swelling Frolic, causing deep injuries to Toramaru.

Togashi then protected Toramaru from their follow-up attack, wounding himself in the process, and began running carrying Toramaru on his back. However, he stumbled and fell prey to the attack two more times. When Toramaru decided he would run into the spinning blade, Togashi threw the wooden stake from the Jumping Body Cannon to stop the blade inches from Toramaru's face. Togashi then instructed Toramaru to hold down the blade, giving him enough time to stab Um-men in the shoulder, unfortunately causing them to both fall off the cliff.

However, with Togashi and Um-men wrapped in the thin wire from the Dancing Ring Swelling Frolic, Toramaru managed to hold onto the wire and keep them suspended in midair, saving their lives but leaving himself open to A-men's attacks. Togashi urged Toramaru to let go of the wire, but Toramaru refused to, leaving Togashi no choice but to cut the wire himself, leaving himself and Um-men to plummet into the chasm, with nothing but his schoolcap floating back up to Toramaru.

Immediately after Toramaru's victory, Togashi returned, still alive, and demanding his hat back. Toramaru was so shocked that he fainted, and the rest of the Otokojuku team was just as surprised. Togashi revealed that someone had broken his fall and saved his life. Momo then told Togashi that he was truly glad that he was alive.

During the battle against Mt. Liang, Togashi and Toramaru attempted to revive their duo against Tou Jie and Ti Jie. Instead, however, Manjimaru tied Togashi up and entered the arena with Toramaru in Togashi's place.

Togashi would get one last chance to fight during the finals, facing off against the effemintate Michel of the Black Rose, with whom he instantly clashed. At the beginning of the battle, Todo Gouki's researchers calculated Michel's chance of victory at 99.999%, which bothered Gouki that it was not 100%.

Togashi very soon found himself outclassed, with Michel shredding his pants to ribbons to taunt him. Michel then used his Killing Rose Fragrance to attack Togashi with a flurry of purple roses. Togashi knocked each of them out of the air, only for Michel to reveal that the roses had a venomous scent that would kill him in one minute. Michel then subjected Togashi to Le Melville, giving Togashi a 5cm-thick iron ball that contained the antidote, and daring him to break it open. Togashi made many futile attempts, but eventually managed to crack open the ball by cramming his cap full of rocks, jumping off the statue of Todo Hyoei, and ramming it with his head.

With the battle back on, Gouki urges Michel to finish Togashi off. Michel then switched to using red roses with a quicker-acting poison that could kill with just a scratch. While Togashi appeared to have swatted them all down, Michel pointed out one that he had missed, after which Togashi collapsed in agony. However, the minute Michel dropped his guard, Togashi grabbed him by the balls, threatening to crush them unless he admits defeat and revealing that he had staged the whole thing, even stabbing himself with one of Michel's non-lethal roses.

Undaunted, Michel threw a rose containing a muscle relaxant at Togashi's shoulder, causing him to loosen his grip on Michel's balls long enough for him to escape. He then stabbed Togashi's feet with roses laced with a drug that caused Togashi's legs to move against his will. Togashi began darting around the arena, running into walls, and nearly falling off the ledge until he stabbed his knife into the ground to anchor himself. Michel then drew his own sword to finish Togashi off, which Togashi planned to parry with his knife. However, his knife was wedged so deep he could not remove it, so he instead let the blade pierce through his hands and wrenched it away from Michel. When Michel let go of the sword, the extra momentum caused Togashi to fall off the ledge. In the meantime, Togashi had wrapped his loincloth around the knife, and used it to keep him from falling while he threw Michel's sword to pierce Michel in the heart.

Though victorious, Togashi's loincloth began to tear as he was climbing up, eventually causing him to fall. In the nick of time, the dying Michel held on to the remaining portion of Togashi's loincloth, allowing Togashi to climb to safety. Michel then died holding Togashi's hand, saying he was proud to have fought him. Togashi gave Michel a burial in his roses, finally admitting that Michel was a true man.

Battle of Seven TusksEdit

Later Life: Edajima's Personal AssistantEdit

After graduating from Otokojuku, Togashi undertook the role of personal assistant to the aging Edajima. After watching Sora's sumo match against Gokaimaru on TV, Edajima instructed Togashi to bring Sora to him so he could compete in the Atlanta Olympics. Well into the games, Togashi brought Edajima the announcement that Sora was competing in women's judo.

Though Togashi had mellowed out considerably since his school days, when Momo was reported dead at the hands of the drug syndicate EXP, Togashi took back up the old school uniform and rallied the Otokojuku alumni for an all-out attack against EXP. Aware of the current social standing of the alumni, Togashi offered them the chance to turn back, though none did. Togashi then began coordinating their war against EXP.

However, not long after, Togashi was car-bombed by EXP. Now a skilled surgeon, Hien was able to save his life. However, still in critical condition, Togashi insisted on carrying on his duty. Having finally located EXP's headquarters thanks to the help of Hidemaro, Togashi yet again led the alumni on their final charge, destroying EXP.

Having returned to his more professional demeanor, Togashi chauffeured Sora to Kinryu Temple to seek High Priest Xuanzang's assistance in removing the Passion-Denying Ring that EXP attached to Sora's penis, kicking off the Journey to the West storyline. After the entire quest turned out to have been Sora's dream, Togashi angrily insisted that Sora face the facts.

Togashi was highly involved in Sora's life for the duration that Sora lived in Edajima's estate. When Sora was attempting to get a job at Nojo Industries, Edajima was about to phone them to use his connections to persuade them to hire him. However, Togashi dissuaded him, convincing him to let Sora handle things on his own. He also admonished Sora not to betray Edajima's expectations. Later, Togashi warned Sora against gambling of any sort in Edajima's estate, on account of Edajima's dislike of gambling.

When Edajima was approached by the psychic parliamentarian Henmi Shinobu to solicit him to his revolution, Togashi pulled a gun on Henmi's head, warning that he would blow his head off if he spoke any further. However, Henmi used his psychic powers to cause Togashi to turn the gun on himself and freeze him in place. He later told Momo about Henmi's powers, which explained his massive influence to Momo, and assured Matsuo and Tazawa that despite Date's strange and unsocial behavior, he was their most trustworthy ally.

However, Togashi's trust in Date was called into question when Date sent a hit on Henmi, an act that seemed to draw connections between Date and Momo. Togashi voiced his concerns to Momo and to Edajima, showing concern that Momo declared that he would commit suicide if the Casino Act didn't pass. He later watched the parliamentary session on TV with the rest of the Otokojuku alumni, sans Momo and Date.

Togashi appeared with the alumni gathered by Date, posing as one of Date's men, as part of the ruse to trick his nephew Ando Hiroaki to enroll at Otokojuku.

During the Peerless Mourning, Togashi faced off against Kuniyoshi Kinji in a battle of Hell Zen, in which each fighter fought with a string attached to three of their comrades (Matsuo, Tazawa, and Hidemaro in Togashi's case), each of them balancing a cup of sulfuric acid on their heads. In spite of their size difference, the veteran Togashi had the upper hand, and Matsuo, Tazawa, and Hidemaro displayed far more trust in Togashi than Kinji's classmates. This time, in contrast with Togashi's battle with Kinji's uncle Daigouin Jaki, Togashi was calm and collected while Kinji was reckless. Togashi managed to lure Kinji to the exact spot where the statue of Edajima was about to drop, causing immense damage. However, Kinji was still able to grab Togashi and crush his bones. After Date led the Otokojuku alumni in a Great Chime Yell to encourage Togashi, while Akashi performed the Blood Battle Reinforcement, Togashi was given enough power to break free, and proceeded to grab Kinji by the arm and throw him. However, Kinji also wrapped Togashi in the ropes and threw him, which caused both sides' acid to nearly spill. Their lives were saved when the statue of Edajima (actually Jaki in disguise) caught them and proceeded to take over for Togashi.

Togashi had aged significantly and was on his deathbed when Date delivered a summons from Edajima Heihachi to partake in the defense against the Susanoo. The summons miraculously brought Togashi back to life after being pronounced dead, and he gathered at Tokyo Tower with the rest of the Otokojuku alumni, and was placed on Team Sakigake. After Date's Pyrrhic victory over Kabuki, Togashi and the rest of Team Sakigake challenged Yokozuna to recover Date. While they were about to fall victim to Yokozuna's Time-Space Slap, Togashi instructed Toramaru to use his Great Fart Cannon as a retrothruster, which caused them to return to their youthful forms. In these forms, they were easily able to defeat Yokozuna, though Date delivered the final blow at the cost of his own life. As a result, Togashi and the others used the cosmic energy that restored their youth to return Date to life.

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