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Todo Gouki
Toudou Gouki (Pachi-Slot).png
Name Todo Gouki
Kanji 藤堂豪毅
Gender Male.png Male
Status Active
Professional Status
Affiliation The Sixteen Warriors of Hades Phoenix Island


Occupation Leader of Hades Phoenix Island, Head of the Todo Magnate
Personal Status
Relatives Todo Hyoei (adoptive father)

Unnamed adopted brothers

First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 206
Japanese Voice Kōji Totani (PS2 game)
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Don't forget that you'll become engulfed in flames even if you're touched!!

Todo Gouki is the adopted son of Todo Hyoei, and leader of the Hades Phoenix Island team. He later joins Otokojuku.


Todo Gouki is a man who sports a short haircut, with a pair of sideburns combed with ringlets. His face is cold and he rarely smiles.

He is dressed in a simple black uniform, and is armed with a katana.

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Despite his cold exterior, Todo is a person who respects honor and bravery above all else, and stands out for his kindness and compassion even among the more noble antagonists, as he refused to have Hong Li-Ming kill himself when he thought he had dishonored Gouki by failing to beat Edajima Heihachi.

Powers and Abilities


Gouki trained at Cang-long Temple (蒼龍寺, Soryuji), the polar opposite of Wang-hu Temple where Tsurugi Momotaro trained. He can perform the following techniques:

  • Thousand Crack Fist (千烈拳, Senretsuken): Gouki can throw a barrage of punches faster than the eye can see.
  • Rising Ki Dragon Spirit (暹氣龍魂, Shinki Ryukon): Gouki's strongest technique and the arcane art of Cang-long Temple. Gouki focuses his Ki into his blade, then releases it as a shockwave in the form of a dragon. Due to its power, Gouki cannot use this technique multiple times in a short period. This technique is on par with the Rising Ki Tiger Spirit of Wang-hu Temple.


Early Life

Along with his four stepbrothers, Gouki was trained at the Cang-long temple. Once the five were powerful enough, their father, Todo Hyoei, had them fight to the death, and whoever survived would be named as his heir.

Of all his stepbrothers, Gouki was the most powerful, so he managed to defeat and kill them all, and Todo Hyoei accepted him as his son.

Later, he studied the art of Cang-long at the hands of his teacher. After perfecting his technique, he destroyed the dojo and killed his master, showing him how powerful he had returned.

Great Heaven-Challenging Olympic Tournament

Gouki was chosen by his father to command the warriors of Hades Phoenix Island during the finale of the The Great Heaven-Challenging Olympic Tournament. He appeared in person before his rivals before the fighting began. After Red Thunder and Michel of the Black Rose's defeats, Master Hong Li-Ming introduced him to his next fighter: Rajah Mahal.

Despite having achieved a victory against Gekkou, Rajah Mahal fell under the power of Hien. After Gorbalski was defeated by J, Hong Li-Ming introduced him to the Three Mongolian Warlords...which were again defeated by Otokojuku.

Tired of defeating him, Gouki told Li-Ming that he would personally take care of his enemies, but Hong prevented him. After the Otokojuku Third Helper defeated Liu Song-xi and Liu Song-qu, Hong Li-Ming faced him...and was also defeated. But instead of executing him for his defeat, Gouki decided to forgive him...but still his father murdered him, and presented him his two companions for the final: Zi-Lan and Spartacus.

Once in the coliseum, he watched as Zi-Lan and Spartacus were defeated, and afterwards, he went out to confront the leader of Otokojuku: Tsurugi Momotaro.

Both opponents launched the attack, demonstrating their skills with swords, managing to wound each of their rivals. Then he related to his rival how he managed to master the art of Cang-long, and then load ki on his sword and perform his Rising Ki Dragon Spirit, but Momotaro repelled his attack with his Rising Ki Tiger Spirit.

Both fighters managed to dodge their opponents' attacks, charging forward again with their swords, until Gouki attacked him with his Rising Ki Dragon Spirit again, impacting Momotaro. But before Gouki could deliver the final blow, the First Year Students of Otokojuku began cheering for Momotaro from the stands. With revived forces, Momotaro lunged again, wounding Gouki.

He ordered that they bring him two shunnensei essence basins and two boxes of gunpowder. The challenge was that, once with the shunnensei on them and the gunpowder on his swords, the first to strike his opponent would manage to set him on fire. Once again, both showed their great mastery with swords, managing to block their enemy's attacks. To end the fight once and for all, Momotaro wrapped his sword with his bandana, then threw it at Gouki, setting him on fire.

Despite this, Gouki managed to rejoin, to later launch himself against Momotaro and start hitting him, and then use his Senretsuken.

He managed to throw Momotaro to the ground, then grabbed his sword again and launched himself against him to finish him off...but then Momotaro rejoined, and remembering his fallen allies, he launched himself with a great fury against him...piercing his chest with a punch!!

Still, Momotaro avoided hurting his vital organs, and Gouki, impressed by his power, named him champion of the Daibukai, before falling to the ground, seriously injured.

Battle of Seven Tusk 

Todo Gouki was one of the Daibukai warriors who enlisted in Otokojuku, joining the team led by Momotaro to participate in the Seven Tusk trials. Before traveling to the First Tusk, he and Momotaro were chatting away from the noise of the party. There, Gouki confessed that Todo wasn't his real father.

Despite not being one of the warriors who was chosen for the Firts Tusk, Gouki decided to enter anyway, and Momotaro gave him his fight.

On the top floor, he had to face Mai-fa on a thin bridge over lava. Mai-fa lunged at him armed with a pair of Lone-moon blades, but Gouki managed to push him and make him fall into the lava...only for Mai-fa to come out from behind him and hit him on the shoulder.

Mai-fa revealed that he had used the Chuushi Furantou technique to avoid falling into the lava, which consisted of a series of cables that crossed the entire room. In his next attack, Mai-fa managed to break his sword, but Gouki did not give in to him, and made him, inadvertently, step on the fragmented edge of his sword, causing that when he jumped over one of the cables, he cut it and fell into the lava.

After that match, Gouki stayed with Momotaro and the rest of him until his adoptive father, Todo Hyoei, ordered them to split into three teams, so he had to separate from Momotaro.

Sora Yori Takaku

It is shown that after he graduated from Otokojuku, he took over from Todo Hyoei as the head of the Todo Magnate.

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  • His face and hairstyle bear some resemblance to J.

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