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Name Sora
Kanji ソラ
Gender Male.png Male
Age 6,900 (human years)

19 (Demon Realm years)

Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Demon Realm
Occupation Prince, Various
Partner Various
Personal Status
Relatives Devil King (father)

Yomi (brother)

First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1 (Sora Yori Takaku)
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Sora is the main character of Sora Yori Takaku, and the younger son of the Devil King.


Sora is a dark-haired, muscular young man who has rather large eyebrows. He is initially depicted as being rather tall, but inexplicably loses a lot of his height and gains a more youthful appearance, perhaps to illustrate his status as being the underdog in comparison to his brother Yomi, as well as to fit his more comedic personality better.

He wears a wide variety of outfits throughout the series, but his initial outfit as he arrived in human world consisted of a sleeveless vest, a dark colored t-shirt, and a pair of light coloured pants.

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Sora is the opposite of his brother, being more humane, warm, and friendly, as well as being a lot more expressive and passionate. He has a strong sense of justice, as well as being eager to have sex, as he is shown to willingly commit beastiality. Despite this, even he has standards, as he despises rapists and pedophiles, and his sense of justice tends to flare up whenever he sees somebody mistreating a woman.

He is somewhat ignorant of the ways of the human world, as he thought that a horse was a pegasus without wings, and also expresses surprise at the various different skin colors of humanity.

Powers and Abilities

During his descent from the Demon Realm, he lost a good majority of his powers, with the main power he retains is his ability to communicate with animals. Also, despite being relatively average in strength, his strength will increase and he will begin to return to his demon form whenever he is experiencing an intense emotion, such as anger or lust, and can also be forced into his demon form by anybody who knows how to.


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