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Sodom World Council
Name Sodom World Council
Kanji ソドム世界会議
Romanji Sodom Sekai Kaigi
Leader Hong En-Lai
Affiliation None
Base of Operations Worldwide
Status Disbanded
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 45 (Akatsuki!! Otokojuku)
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The Sodom World Council is a criminal organization featured in Akatsuki!! Otokojuku.


The Sodom World Council is lead by Hong En-Lai, apparently for the purpose of world domination. To this end, it has gathered fighters into a group, titling them the Seven Gods of Fortune.

It is revealed that the true purpose of the Sodom World Council, at least on Hong's end, was to gather the ki of fighters that engage in fights with one another to fuel a machine called the Forever, which can restore Hong to his prime, with the additional benefit of all the techniques of the fighters Hong harvested ki from.


By the time Tsurugi Shishimaru defeated Hien CLIII, the Forever machine already had enough ki for two old men. Hong used it on himself once and was restored to his prime, with the addition of techniques that were not originally his, such as Akashi Juzo's Thought-Haze Sword and Zedang Lama's Fighting Out-Of-Body Experience. However, he was challenged by Tsurugi Momotaro, whose death was faked by Wang Ta-ren's disguise and was thus allowed to infiltrate the Sodom World Council undetected.

However, after Momo passes his sword to his son, Shishimaru uses a variation of the Rising Ki Tiger Spirit that produces an impression of Edajima Heihachi's head to knock Hong into the Forever machine, still housing enough energy for another old man. The resulting collision caused Hong's body to overload on ki and return his head to its aged state but his body to that of an infant. Todo Hyoei attempts to take control of the situation by bringing out his giant robot, but is easily beaten by a recovered Yuan Shao, who uses the Mirror of Water technique to control his body's motions and then proceeds to sabotage the robot. Defeated and at the mercy of Edajima, Todo resigns himself to his fate, only to be spared by his arch nemesis, who declares that his greatest enemy is also his greatest friend and invites him to challenge him again. Todo is, however, then left at the mercy of the partially infantile Hong, who takes his discarded gun and attempts to shoot him for hitting him with the robot.

After this incident, with Hong reduced to an infantile state, Todo disgraced by the entire Sodom World Council, and almost all of its elite force killed, it is likely that the Sodom World Council was disbanded.


Seven Gods of Fortune

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