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Name Rensei
Kanji 蓮星れんせい
Romanji Rensei
Gender Male.png Male
Status Deceased
Professional Status
Affiliation The True Church of the Pentagram
Occupation War Captain of the True Church of The Pentagram
Personal Status
Relatives Kiyomoto Atsushi (Pupil)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 150 (Akatsuki!!)
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Rensei is the War Captain of the True Church of the Pentagram, and it's martial arts instructor as well.


He is a dark-haired man with an evil and scary-looking face that an extremely weird hairstyle that consists of the hair on the top of his head being slicked upwards like a chestnut, and also a pair of sideburns that curl into little spiral-like shapes.

He has the mark of the True Church of the Pentagram on his body, although it's position and size changed from his appearances, as it was first a large tattoo on his chest, then a smaller sigil on his forehead.

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He is an incredibly cruel man, and it is shown through Kiyomoto Atsushi's flashbacks and exposition from Kumada Kinzo that his training regime was so harsh that it has implied to have traumatized him, as Atsushi calls it a true hell.

Powers and Abilities

Rensei is capable of splitting a human in half with a single chop, and as the War Captain of the True Church of The Pentagram, as well as the one who is assigned in training it's martial artists, it's safe to say that he is an incredibly powerful and skilled individual. During his fight with Kurosu Nobunaga, he wielded a pair of punch daggers that had large spikes instead of blades and used them to great effectiveness. He is also able to move around in a zero gravity environment as if he were swimming underwater due to his training.


Killer Hades Constellation (星座冥界殺 Seiza meika ya): Rensei's signature technique. He uses his willpower to manpiulate cosmic dust in space around him into any shape he can imagine. He used this technique to shape cosmic dust into the form of a scorpion to attack Nobunaga due to him being a Scorpio.


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