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Name Rasetsu
Kanji 羅刹ラセツ
Gender Male.png Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Otokojuku
Occupation Student

Martial Artist

Partner Baron Deino
Personal Status
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 53
Anime Debut Episode 25
Japanese Voice Tetsu Inada (PS2 Game)

Takahiro Yoshimizu (PS3 Game)

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There is not a thing in this world my finger can’t destroy!

Rasetsu is a Third-Year in Sakigake!! Otokojuku, and a antagonist-turned-protagonist. He's one of the Lords of Death.


Rasetsu has short, spiky black hair and a goatee. He usually wears a black cape, removing it in battle to reveal spiked pauldrons and waist armor, and bandages on his wrist. He is almost always making the devil-horns gesture with his hands, with his index and little fingers stuck out, as this is his standard battle stance.

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Rasetsu is a man with a great sense of honor and companionship, being able to sacrifice anything in order to protect his comrades.

Powers and Abilities

Rasetsu is a master of the Gong Clan (鞏家きょうけ, Kyouke) style of kung-fu, which prides itself in its adaptability to any situation.


Finger of Destruction (兜指愧破とうしきは, Toshikiha): Rasetsu's signature technique and the mainstay of the Gong Clan style. Rasetsu forms a fist with his thumb, index, and little fingers raised, and his fingers have the power to pierce through any object. He can use this for the following techniques:

  • Double Strike Kill (両段殺りょうだんさつ, Ryodansatsu): A two-pronged attack where Rasetsu attacks with both hands simultaneously.
  • Twin Finger Kill (双指殺そうしさつ, Soushisatsu): An attack performed with both of Rasetsu's hands clasped together.
  • Thousand-Command Finger of Destruction (千麾兜指愧破せんきとうしきは, Senki Toshikiha): Rasetsu attacks with his Finger of Destruction so fast that it leaves afterimages.
  • Joint Destruction (関節砕, Kansetsusai): Rasetsu uses his Finger of Destruction to destroy his opponent's joints and dislocate their limbs.
  • Earth-Drilling Dragon (土錐龍どすいりゅう, Dosuiryu): The ultimate technique of the Gong Clan. Rasetsu first uses his Finger of Destruction to drill his way into the ground. Once underground, Rasetsu can make swift attacks to the surface using his Finger of Destruction. While he is able to know his opponent's location, his opponent has no way of knowing where his next attack will come from.

Woodcutting Flying Squirrel Stamen Fist (鼯樵橤拳ごしょうずいけん, Gosho Zuiken): A form of the Gong Clan kung-fu which mimics the motions of a flying squirrel. Useful for combat in trees or other high elevations.

  • Air-Sliding Kill (滑空殺かっくうさつ, Kakkusatsu): The base of the Woodcutting Flying Squirrel Stamen Fist, which allows Rasetsu to glide through the air.
  • Surrounding Binding Wires (糸亀縛環じょうばくかん, Jobakukan): Rasetsu throws shackles at his opponent, which are attached to wires that bind them to the tree branches. With the shackles made of white steel, a material harder than diamond, and the wires able to support a ton, they are inescapable and make the opponent easy prey for Rasetsu's Finger of Destruction.
  • Nerve-Destroying Tremor (激震経破げきしんけいは, Geki Shinkeiha): Rasetsu uses the Air-Sliding Kill to glide at his opponent, followed by his Finger of Destruction to destroy his opponent's central nerves. The pain is enough to kill an ordinary man from shock.
  • Slaughter of Darkness (黒闇殺こくおんさつ, Kokuonsatsu): Rasetsu's hearing ability is trained to the extent that he can hear a pin drop from ten meters away. By using a smoke bomb, Rasetsu can assassinate his opponents in complete and utter darkness.

Delicate Water Crossing (妙活渡水みょうかつとすい, Myokatsu Tosui): Through intense training and exceptional Ki mastery, Rasetsu is able to cross the surface of the water by leaping off small pieces of paper just before his weight shifts onto them.


Freshman at Otokojuku

Meeting with Jaki

Battle with the enemies of Otokojuku

Years before the events of Sakigake!! Otokojuku, Rasetsu was part of a force sent by Daigouin Jaki to defeat Otokojuku's enemy of the north, and ordered Akashi Gouji to scout ahead of the main force on top of the mountains in a thick blizzard. When Akashi discovered that the bridge was out, he stained his shirt red with his blood and waved it so that the trucks coming after him would see him, thus saving the lives of 123 Otokojuku students.

In another incident against his enemies to the west, Rasetsu and his platoon were taken prisoner by his western enemies, and Rasetsu had to hold up a rope to prevent his companions from falling into the void. While he was suggesting her, his enemies tortured him into telling the position of the main force in Otokojuku. Rasetsu refused to tell them anything, and was holding the rope for three days and three nights. Taking advantage of the uselessness of his enemies, Rasetsu managed to get rid of them with one hand. He managed to keep holding the rope until Manjimaru and Senkuu came to his aid.

Great Trembling Conquest of the Unified Eight

Great Heaven-Challenging Olympic Tournament 

The Battle of the Seven Tusk

After the end of the Great Heaven-Challenging Olympic Tournament, the four Lords of Death were in medical treatment due their injuries. Then, alongside other Otokojuku studients, make a cameo in the crowd scene during the detention of Todo Hyoei.

Major Battles

Appearances in Other Media

 Sakigake!! Otokojuku (PS2 Game)

Sakigake!! Otokojuku: Nihon yo, Kore ga Otoko de Aru!

Saigake!! Ortokojuku: Shippu Ichi Gou Sei 

Pachislot Arcade


  • Rasetsu is named after the Rakshasa, fierce and cannibalistic beings of Hindu mythology.
  • Due to the truncation of the Great Trembling Contest of the Unified Eight arc in the anime, Rasetsu is the only character to appear in the anime but not have a speaking part.

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