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Name Manjimaru
Kanji 卍丸
Gender Male.png Male
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Otokojuku
Occupation Student

Martial Artist

Partner Henshouki

Toramaru Ryuji

Personal Status
Relatives Gen Senrei (master)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 53
Anime Debut Episode 25
Japanese Voice Shigeru Chiba
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Destiny is a thing I will cut with my own hands!!

Manjimaru is a Third-Year in Sakigake!! Otokojuku, and a antagonist-turned-protagonist. He's one of the Lords of Death.


Manjimaru is easily recognizable with his blond mohawk (black in the anime) and a circular mask over his nose and mouth, from which he can fire needles at his opponent. In addition to his Otokojuku uniform, he wears a metal breastplate and wrist armor. He has a thin mustache under his mask.

In his days as a disciple of the Evil Spirits Fist, Manjimaru was bald and dressed in the black pants and shoes of a Chinese martial arts student.

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Like many other Otokojuku warriors, Manjimaru is an stoic fighter who takes seriously the battles in which he participates.

He show great tenacity when facing challenges such as his own death, beating the Destiny and emerging triumphant. He also proved to have an honorable treatment with his enemies, such as Gemini.

Powers and Abilities

Manjimaru practices the Evil Spirits Fist (魍魎拳, Mouryouken), one of the most feared assassination styles in the history of Chinese kung-fu, said to rival Senkuu's Lu Clan.


  • Heated Dance Hard Killing Stab (烈舞硬殺指, Retsubu Kousatsushi): A full-handed stab powerful enough to destroy J's Magnum Steel knuckle duster.
  • Ten-Body Illusion (幻瞑十身剥, Genmyo Jusshinhaku): Manjimaru moves so fast that it appears like there are ten of him. Later retconned to the Duplicate Body Illusion (幻瞑分身剥, Genmyo Bunshinhaku) technique, where he can make a maximum of five duplicates.
  • Hair Axe (龔髪斧, Chouhatsufu): A bladed boomerang that Manjimaru keeps hidden in his mohawk. He occasionally throws it normally, but also can use the following techniques:
    • Hair Axe Infinite Return (龔髪斧無限還, Chouhatsufu Mugenkan): The Hair Axe circles around infinitely until it hits its target.
    • Hair Axe Great Curve (龔髪斧大旋曲, Chouhatsufu Daisenkyoku): The Hair Axe circles in a large trajectory and attacks the target from an unexpected direction.
    • Hair Axe Rare World Assault (龔髪斧襲尟界, Chouhatsufu Shusenkai): The Hair Axe circles tightly around the opponent, restricting their movement.


Early life

Before entering Otokojuku, Manjimaru was Gen Senrei's pupil in the art of the Evil Spirits Fist. One day, two men appeared at the door of the temple, challenging Gen Senrei to a duel. Senrei refused, but one of them managed to immobilize Manjimaru, causing Senrei to drop his guard, causing his own death. Later, to get rid of Manjimaru, they threw him off a cliff, where, surprisingly, he survived. Since that day, he seeks to be able to meet those murderers and make them pay for their crime.

Freshman at Otokojuku

Meeting with Jaki

Great Trembling Conquest of the Unified Eight

Manjimaru, member of the four Lords of Death, was choosen to participate in the Great Trembling Conquest of the Unified Eight, with Henshouki as his partner. After Henshouki's defeat at the hands of J, he punished his own partner, making him fall off the stone pilar where they were standing and presumably killing him. Then, he challenge J and show him his fearsome techniques.

At the beginning of the confrontation, Manjimaru managed to destroy J's Magnum Steel knuckle duster with the Heated Dance Hard Killing Stab technique, despite the fact that his armor was also destroyed. Later, trying to defeat J using the Heated Dance Hard Killing Stab technique again, J managed to dodge it, causing Manjimaru to destroy the column in front of him, which almost crushed Toramaru and Togashi.

Taking advantage of the fact that the mist around him was thickening, Manjimaru tried to make a surprise attack on his opponent. But J remembering Raiden's words, managed to dodge his blow in time and return a direct punch to the chest. Afterwards, Manjimaru uses the Ten-Body Illusion technique to end the duel once and for all. That technique causes J to decide to use the Flash Piston Mach Punch to hit all copies of Manjimaru, causing the real one to crash and go through a column.

Thinking that the fight was already over, J prepared to go down the colum with Raiden's corpse...but just then, Manjimaru broke free of the column where he had been embedded and launched himself into the attack...only to receive the Flash Piston Mach Punch again.

Apparently, Manjimaru emerged victorious from the match, and then went downstairs to meet the 1st Years... just so that he would later spit up blood and fall unconscious to the ground. Wang Ta-ren confirmed his death soon after.

Great Heaven-Challenging Olympic Tournament

Thanks to the help of Wang Ta-ren, Manjimaru recovers from his injuries from the Daiishin Paaren Seiha and joined Team Otokojuku during the Great Heaven-Challenging Olympic Tournament.

After Achilles' defeat, Zeus ordered Delphi to look at the future of the next duel. The old prophet used his crystal sphere to discover the fate of the next rival, displaying an image of a crucified Manjimaru. Unaware of all this, Manjimaru prepared to enter combat, distracting Toramaru and Togashi to prevent either of them from getting ahead.

Upon entering the island, Manjimaru came face to face with his rival: Gemini, who told him that his destiny was waiting for him. Then, he started playing his lyre, causing Manjimaru to start turning to stone. Taking advantage of his rival's confusion, Gemini launched into attack... only to receive the needles thrown by Manjimaru. Once Gemini dropped his lyre, Manjimaru stopped petrifying, discovering that it had all been an hallucination caused by the music.

Gemini threatened him again, saying that his fate was written. As only answer, Manjimaru took off his mask and told him that he would be able to destroy destiny. 

Manjimaru launched himself against Gemini, showing him his Duplicate Body Illusion technique...only to receive a quick counterattack from Gemini, who demonstrated similar ability, dividing himself into eight copies, with which he managed to defeat Manjimaru's copies and surround him. But before Gemini could make his final attack, Manjimaru realized the secret of his technique. 

He used his Hair Axe technique to throw his boomerang hidden in his mohawk, trying to hit Gemini. After discovering the secret of Gemini (who were actually two twin brothers), the twins launched into the attack again, to try to carry out their Bloody Cross attack. 

Taking advantage of the reflection of the sun, the twins managed to catch Manjimaru and apparently defeat him. But before seeing how fate was fulfilled, Delphi's sphere cracked, and Manjimaru used his feet to throw his boomerang and cut his restraints before Gemini attacked him. Releasing his restraints, Manjimaru grabbed the arms of both twins and stabbed each other with his poisoned claws. The latter caused the Delphi sphere to burst into pieces, showing how Manjimaru had defeated his own destiny. 

Gemini congratulated him on his victory, and before they both died, they tried to hold hands, but they died before they could. Manjimaru joined their hands, declaring that it was a good fight. 

After that match, Manjimaru remained with the rest of the warriors during the rest of the matches, until in the semifinals, where he recognized those who had murdered his master years ago.

Although Toramaru and Togashi were already overtaking, he gagged and tied Togashi to prevent him from it. Along with a surprised Toramaru, both descend to the combat platform, where their rivals were waiting for them. Energetic as ever, Toramaru introduces Manjimaru and himself, and before his rivals introduce themselves, Manjimaru reveals that he already knows their names.

Tou Jie, surprised that he knows their names, proposes to confront them in a kanryuu soukoku-tou, a type of handicap combat where one of the pair stay above an acid glass container in the form of a water clock. If it is not turned in less than three minutes, the acid will fall on top of the one below. 

Manjimaru accepts the challenge, unfortunately for Toramaru, who asks him for explanations of why he is behaving so strangely. Manjimaru tells him the story of how, in his apprentice days, Tou Jie and Ti Jie appeared at the gates of the dojo, challenging their master. After his master refused to confront them, Ti Jie took advantage of the distraction to assassinate him. After hearing the story, Toramaru agrees to be under the acid container, kicking off the match between Ti Jie and Manjimaru.

In the first move, Manjimaru manages to block his opponent's attack, cutting off a finger. Ti Jie returned to the attack, but Manjimaru easily caught him and was about to finish him off...but the acid container was almost about to break on top of Toramaru, so Manjimaru quickly turned the water clock over. 

That moment was used by Ti Jie to show his Running Eyelash Rending Spinning Ball technique. Manjimaru managed to dodge the first attacks, counterattacking with his Hair Axe Infinite Return technique, with which he managed to destroy the stick where Ti Jie was leaning, who shortly after received the boomerang blow on the back. 

Quickly, Manjimaru retrieved his boomerang and threw it against Tou Jie's water clock, discovering that there was actually no acid inside the container. Tou Jie, surprised at Manjimaru's insight, launched into the attack with his Reed-Mowing Slicing Kick technique. Despite taking several hits, Manjimaru managed to re-launch his boomerang, using the Hair Axe Great Curve technique. Ti Jie, who had taken advantage of the distraction to assassinate Toramaru, received the boomerang, slicing his head in two. Tou Jie continued his attack, ignoring the death of his partner, while Manjimaru threw down his boomerang again, using the Hair Axe Rare World Assault technique to surround Tou Jie. Manjimaru swooped down on his opponent, but Tou Jie apparently managed to evade him. 

Just as he re-launched the attack, the spring on his head was destroyed due to the blow Manjimaru had given him in the previous attack, causing Tou Jie to hit the ground head first. Cracking his knuckles, Manjimaru approached him, as Tou Jie begged for mercy. But before he could do anything, Tou Jie leaped onto the Toramaru water clock, threatening him. Tired of this, Toramaru tore the pole off the ground and threw Tou Jie against Manjimaru... who spared his life, saying "It's not worth killing a slime like you". After winning the match, Manjimaru and Toramaru returned together with their companions.

Manjimaru spend the rest of the Tournament in the background until the final round in the Coliseum, where he, along the others Lords of Death, made a human wall to protect Momotaro and his friends from the bullets shots by Todo's henchmen, apparently killing them. Edajima confirms shortly after that they were only seriously injured, and that they needed medical treatment

Battle of Seven Tusks

After the end of the Great Heaven-Challenging Olympic Tournament, the four Lords of Death were in medical treatment due their injuries. Then, alongside other Otokojuku studients, make a cameo in the crowd scene during the detention of Todo Hyoei.

Akatsuki!! Otokojuku

Manjimaru appeared with the alumni gathered by Date, posing as one of Date's men, as part of the ruse to trick his nephew Ando Hiroaki to enroll at Otokojuku. He was also in the Sakigake!! Otokojuku's movie premier, alongside other ex studients. He was also present during the graduation ceremony of Shishimaru & Co.

Major Battles

Appearances in Other Media

 Sakigake!! Otokojuku (PS2 Game)

Manjimaru is a Playable character in the PS2 Game. He can use the follow techniques:

  • Retsubu Kousatsushi
  • Chouhatsufu
  • Special attack: Genmyo Jusshinhaku

Sakigake!! Otokojuku: Nihon yo, Kore ga Otoko de Aru!

Manjimaru is a playable character in Nihon yo, Kore ga Otoko de Aru!

Saigake!! Ortokojuku: Shippu Ichi Gou Sei 

Manjimaru is a boss-only character in Shippu Ichi Gou Sei. He can use the follow techniques:

  • Genmyo Jusshinhaku

Pachislot Arcade

His battle against Gemini was depicted in one of the Pachislot Arcade shorts. Unlike in the manga, both Gemini and his twin brother attack at the same time, receiving the attack from Manjimaru's needles. After managing to wound him, Manjimaru defeats them with his Genmyo Bunshinhaku.


  • In the anime, Manjimaru's mohawk is black instead of blond. The first chapters where he appears also depicted his mohawk in a darker tone.
  • He's the only Lord of Death who revealed details of his past before entering Otokojuku.

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