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King Battler Jr.
Name King Battler Jr.
Romanji ジェイ
Aliases J

Jack Redding


Gender Male.png Male
Height 6'5" (195 cm)
Weight 209 lbs (95 kg)
Professional Status
Affiliation Otokojuku

United States Armed Forces

Occupation Navy Commander
USAF Commander-in-Chief
Partner Raiden
Personal Status
Relatives King Battler (Father)

JK (Granddaughter)

First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 20
Anime Debut Episode 13
Japanese Voice Banjō Ginga
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You are not my match!

King Battler Jr., usually known as J, is a major character in the Sakigake!! Otokojuku series. He is initially introduced as an exchange student from Annapolis Academy, but quickly enrolls at Otokojuku after a boxing match with Momotaro. He is a skilled boxer and the son of legendary boxer King Battler.


J has short-cropped blond hair and stern facial features. He usually wears knuckle dusters made of an alloy he calls magnum steel. In his initial introduction, he wears an army green vest and pants, but after enrolling at Otokojuku, he wears a standard Otokojuku uniform, which is depicted as grey in the anime.

During his brief appearance in Sora Yori Takaku, J wears a white US Navy uniform, with his Otokojuku uniform jacket draped over his shoulders. He wears the same uniform in Akatsuki!! Otokojuku, but without the jacket.

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J is very calm and stoic, even in the most vile and hellish situations. He can, however, display frustration on occasion, as well as humor after he joined Otokojuku as it's first (and only) transfer student. He is driven and determined to live up to his dream of being a boxer, like his father King Battler was. Able to remain cool-headed in the face of taunting up to the threat of death, J has both strength of body and strength of mind, both of which have served him well in surviving Otokojuku.

Powers and Abilities

J is a high-level boxer who is able to perform a great amount of techniques.


  • Mach Punch (マッハ・パンチ): J's signature technique. His punches move so fast that they break the sound barrier.
    • Mach Punch One-Two: Used in his battle against Manjimaru. After throwing a Mach Punch with his left, he threw a right Mach Punch that destroyed his steel breast plate. The punch was so fast that no one saw it being thrown.
    • Jet Sonic Mach Punch (J・S・M・Pジェットソニックマッハパンチ): A Mach Punch that causes a shockwave, allowing him to attack from a distance.
    • Flash Piston Mach Punch (F・P・M・Pフラッシュ・ピストン・マッハ・パンチ): A legendary boxing technique where one performs ten punches in under a second. Though legend has it that the strain on the boxer's arm is so great that arm is permanently disabled, J is able to overcome this and use it as his finisher.
    • Mach Punch Ring of Crime (マッハパンチリングオブクライム): The result of J retooling the Ring of Crime to be an attack. It is used on multiple enemies who are all lined up.
  • Ring of Crime (リング・オブ・クライム): J delivers a punch to a single opponent among a number of opponents standing in a circle, which causes the rest of the opponents to fall over from the Domino effect. Though originally a form of punishment at Annapolis Academy, J retools this to be used in combat as the Mach Punch Ring of Crime.
  • Hell's Dance (地獄の舞ヘル・ダンス): J's footwork allows him to move faster than the eye can follow. He appears to be surrounding his enemies in a ring, a lot like an illusion. This was shown in episode 14 of the anime, as Momotaro tried to activate his Mind's Eye to predict J's punches.
  • Flying Crash Megaton Punch (F・C・M・Pフライング・クラッシュ・メガトン・パンチ): A right thrown at the ground from mid-jump, powerful enough to destroy the ground beneath him.
  • Spiral Hurricane Punch (S・H・Pスパイラル・ハリケーン・パンチ): A punch with enough force to cause a whirlwind, only usable when J's body and mind are at their limits.
  • Triple Blade Jab Special (T・B・J・Sトリプル・ブレード・ジャブ・スペシャル): A self-sacrificial triple jab.
  • Fist of Fury (フィスト・オブ・フュアリー): J's anger allows him to throw a punch with 100% of his body's potential.
  • Corner of Dead End (コーナー・オブ・デッドエンド): A high-level boxing technique in which J lures his opponent into the corner to restrict their footwork, then uses the recoil of the ropes to deliver a table-turning punch.


Early life

Since he was little, J had always been interested in boxing. He loved it so much that he recorded matches on VHS to watch over and over again, and of all the boxers, Stanley Gordon was his favorite. Unfortunately, his father, King "K" Battler passed away after saving him from the flames using his Spiral Hurricane Punch. From that point on, J decided to be a boxer.

American Challenge

J was first seen walking near a construction site, as a giant block of material came crashing down. In second nature, he punched it with his steel knuckles - made of magnesium steel, and went on his way as it crumbled. Arriving at Otokojuku later, he came face to face with Akashi Gouji and was then challenged to a duel by him, to see whose weapon was stronger. After it, Akashi asked J what his name was, and he answered. Moments later, Akashi's sword broke from hitting the steel knuckles J wielded.

The Four Great Trials of Terror

The Great Trembling Conquest of the Unified Eight

J Gaiden

The Great Heaven-Challenging Olympic Tournament

The Battle of Seven Tusks

Fu'un Rakanjuku 

After the Seven Tusk matches, it seemed that the Otokojuku students could rest in least, until Kumada Kinzo, Edajima's old rival, showed up and challenged the principal to participate in the Go Konsen.

J was present during the selection of challenges for the Go Konsen between Otokojuku and Fu'un Rakanjuku, being present during the confrontation of Toramaru and Hidemaro against the Hanada Brothers. After the graduation ceremony, he went out together with Momotaro and his friends, happy to have graduated.

Later life

Kurenai!! Onnajuku

In Kurenai!! Onnajuku which is set 100 years after Sakigake!! Otokojuku, J makes an appearance as a man in the shadow standing up near a wheel-chair on a grassfield as his granddaughter JK wrote a letter to him about how she has changed her mind and instead of returning to USA, decides to enroll in the Onnajuku for real along with a female descendant of her grandfather's comrades, Much like when J choose to enroll at Otokojuku instead of returning to his Annapolis Academy.

Major Battles

Appearances in Other Media

Big Battle August

J battles against Sir Royal III from the 3S team, their fight destroyed the sorrounding cave used as the arena which led it to colapse, J was presumed dead from that point onwards, but was revealed to be alive alongside Togashi and Edajima.

Sakigake!! Otokojuku (PS2 Game)

He is one of the initially playable characters in the game.

Sakigake!! Otokojuku: Nihon yo, Kore ga Otoko de Aru!

Saigake!! Ortokojuku: Shippu Ichi Gou Sei

魁男塾パチンコ 甘 / CRA!! Sakigake Otokojuku Pachinko Light

A brief scene of his battle against the Phantom Lizard Style Sixteen was depicted in one of the Pachislot Arcade shorts. Also, his battle with Bo Feng (Hakuho) was also depicted in one of the shorts. The major difference is that, in the short, J manage to easily defeat Bo Feng, thanking his father right after.

Alternate-Universe / After Otokojuku Gaiden


  • In Akatsuki!! Otokojuku, J makes an appearance as the USAF Commander-in-Chief, or the President. However, his explicit title as Commander-in-Chief may not imply that he has become the President of the US: it may either be a misinterpretation by Miyashita or simply an emphasis on his military title.
  • It's possible that J might be the last student from the first generation to be still alive as of Kurenai!! Onnajuku which is set 100 years after Sakigake!! Otokojuku because all his comrades from the original Sakigake!! Otokojuku that make an appearance here so far only appeared as a star on the sky, implying that they are already dead, this includes even Tsurugi Momotaro who is seen on the sky in the night along with Togashi Genji in one scene as well.
  • The character Souther in the manga series "Hokuto no Ken" shares a slight physical resemblance to J. The resemblance is greater in the anime adaption, in which Souther is also voiced by J's seiyuu, Banjo Ginga. However, J's fighting style more greatly resembles that of Ein.

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