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Hien CLIII.jpg
Name Hien
Kanji 飛燕
Gender Male.png Male
Status Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Sodom World Council, Three Fists
Occupation 153rd Hien, Fighter of Sodom World Council
Personal Status
Relatives Hien (predecessor)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 65 (Akatsuki!! Otokojuku)
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Hien CLIII is the 153rd person to have the name Hien. Unlike his predecessor, he is vastly more evil and cruel.


The 153rd Hien bears an almost exact physical likeness to his predecessor.

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Hien CLIII maintains a calm disposition, but is more bloodthirsty and cunning than his predecessor; he does not hesitate to demonstrate the effectiveness of the fireflies in his room by having them devour his fellow trainee, the 153rd Raiden. Later, he reveals that he had mastered the Thousand-Pace Ki fist by fighting and killing its master, fueling Shishimaru's rage and sadness.

Powers and Abilities


  • Thousand-Pace Ki Fist (千步氣功拳せんぽきこうけん, Senpo Kikoken): Hien CLIII is capable of firing his Ki at his opponent in the shape of his giant fist, still maintaining the Finger of Destruction stance to increase his power.
  • Undead (闇頽吐怒アンデット Andetto): A technique that allows the user to manipulate corpses as well as puppets to have them fight for their user. This technique works by training a large, intelligent, and (fortunately) easy-to-tame spider named the Nine-Dragon-Crest Spider (九紋龍蜘蛛), which produces a strong and hard-to-see webbing that can be used like the strings of a puppet, with the spider itself being controlled by a different string.
  • Ten Thousand Cranebeak Needles (鶴嘴万本かくしまんぼん Kakushi Manbon): Hien CLIII's version of his predecessor's Thousand Cranebeak Needles. Unlike his predecessor's needles, they are smaller, and thus harder to see.
    • Ten Thousand Cranebeak Needles: Blindfire (鶴嘴万本乱射角かくしまんぼんらんしゃかく Kakushi Manbon): A variaton of the above technique where Hien CLIII ricochet's his needles off of the wires in the Chamber of Intelligent Phosphorescent Light. This technique can counteract the mind's eye due to the unpredictable nature of the boundary.


Sodom World Council Arc

Hien CLIII was the final member of the 153rd generation of the Three Fists that Otokojuku fought. His arena was the Chamber of Intelligent Phosphorescent Light, which was a pitch black chamber that was pitch-black except for the carnivorous fireflies, known as Man-Eating Hades Fireflies, and the razor sharp wires set up all around the room.

Upon seeing Shishimaru, Nobunaga, and Wukong, he introduced himself to the trio, and proceeded to explain and demonstrat the Man-Eating Hades Fireflies that inhabited his arena, with Raiden CLIII as the unfortunate subject. He proceeded to stomp on Raiden, causing his recent wounds to open up, causing the Man-Eating Hades Fireflies to react to the scent of his blood and rush over him and devour him, leaving nothing but his bones.

Seeing Hien CLIII's callousness and inhumane nature enraged Tsurugi Shishimaru, prompting him to choose himself as Hien's opponent. However, before their battle began, Hien warned Shishimaru of the invisible bladed wires within the chamber.

The fight between Shishimaru and Hien CLIII started out with both of them frozen in place, with neither of them making a move, Hien taunted Shishimaru and implied that he was too scared to move, as well as calling him the "son of Tsurugi Momotaro", surprising Shishimaru that he knew that Momotaro was his father.

Hien CLIII proceeded to start out his assault on Shishimaru with a series of kicks, effortlessly navigating around the bladed wires strung across the battlefield, and then proceeded to travel on the wire itself to deliver a powerful aerial kick. Shishimaru however, got up and proceeded to use the Thousand-Pace Ki Fist on Hien, launching it from the Finger of Destruction position to increase it's power. However, Hien revealed that he also knew that technique, and proceeded to neutralize the ki projectile with one of his own, which destroyed it entirely and soared towards Shishimaru, who managed to dodge it.

Hien then revealed that like Shishimaru, he too went to Li Kun-lun to master this technique, however, Li rejected him due to his evil nature, so Hien simply murdered him and stole the scroll.

Hien CLIII then used another secret technique; Undead, and used it to manipulate Raiden CLIII's skeleton like a marionette, using it to attack Shishimaru with punches and kicks. Shishimaru managed to knock off the skull of the skeleton with a punch, causing to collapse, but it then simply reassembled itself and proceeded to attack Shishimaru with even more punches and kicks, and even deattaching it's own head to deliver flying headbutts while the rest of the body attacks normally.

The skeleton of Raiden then managed to catch Shishimaru in a hold, and proceeded to restrain him as the skull flew in for a headbutt. However, Shishimaru bit on his own tounge and spat blood onto the skull, causing the Man-Eating Hades Fireflies to rush over it and devour the blood on it, causing it to fall to the ground, and proceeded to toss the rest of Raiden's skeleton off of him. He then noticed one firefly that was mysteriously trapped in place, and realized that the secret behind the Undead technique, namely it was being manipulated like a puppet by Hien through the use of the Nine-Dragon-Crest Spider, and proceeded to use his Thousand Pace Ki Fist once more to kill the arachnid, defeating the Undead technique.

Hien then asked Shishimaru a question, who was hiding behind the World Man Cup, the apparent death of his father, and the battles with the Sodom Seven Gods of Fortune. However his boss ordered Hien to keep quiet, and thus, Hien complied with his bosses order. The two then resumed their fight, with Hien CLIII using his own version of his predecessor's signature move, the Ten Thousand Cranebeak Needles, and demonstrated them on Zhang Wukong, causing him to dance against his will, although this led to Nobunaga finding out that the needles used in the Ten Thousand Cranebeak Needles are much smaller than the ones used by Hien CLIII's predecessor. In response to this information, Shishimaru attempted to set up a defense using his mind's eye. However, Hien counteracted this with a variation on the technique called Ten Thousand Cranebeak Needles: Blindfire, and ricocheted the needles off of the wires, causing them to all to hit Shishimaru, and making him walk into a wire, cutting himself, making the Man-Eating Hades Fireflies to rush over him and start eating him.

However, as the flies were eating Shishimaru, he managed to use the rage and sorrow he felt from Hien CLIII's atrocities to preform a gigantic version of the Thousand-Pace Ki Fist, causing Hien CLIII to crash through a wall and fall into the ocean.

Major Battles


  • It is unknown how he knows Momotaro, however, given that the Sodom World Council has a lot of influence, as well as Todo Hyoei, somebody who is already familiar with Momo, among their members, and given that Momo was once the Prime Minister of Japan, it's likely that they managed to gather information on him through spying and other methods.
  • It is unconfirmed if he died or not, given that he was last seen falling into the ocean, which may or may not have killed him in various different ways, although it is also unknown if he managed to survive.

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