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Name Djover
Kanji ジェビル
Gender Male.png Male
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Pharaoh Sphinx
Occupation Mummy
Partner Amehus
Personal Status
Pets Amehus
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 154 (Akatsuki!! Otokojuku)
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Djover is a member of Pharaoh Sphinx introduced in Akatasuki!! Otokojuku, and the successor of Djoser.


He is a bald man with a goatee and a lithe, muscular build who wears very minimal clothing, only wearing wraps around his forearms and calves, as well as a loincloth and a circlet with a cobra on it.

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Djover is a prideful man who is seen with an arrogant smile on his face. He likes to belittle his opponent's and their techniques, and was extremely upset when he lost to Akashi Juzo, and even more upset when Tutankhamen XV ordered him to give up, as he wanted to fight Juzo until either of them died.

Powers and Abilities

Djover's weapons of choice are a punch daggers, and like his predecessor Djoser, he uses a mummy body to defend himself.


Harvest of Osiris (オシリスの豐饒オシリスのほうじょう Oshirisu no Hōjō): Djover's version of the Miracle of Hatshepsut used by his predecessor. It involves him manipulating a puppet in the shape of a mummy filled with sand. However, unlike the Miracle of Hatshepsut, Djoser is actually hiding underground, manipulating the puppet with strings, giving him a greater ranger of attacks he is immune to, due to him not actually residing within the doll.

Twilight of Naissus (ナイソスの黃昏ナイソスのたそがれ Naisosu no Tasogare): Djover burrows under the sand, then "swims" around and around in circles until the sand itself starts moving like it's alive. He then preforms a series of sneak attacks with a punch dagger from unpredictable directions, due to being hidden.


Armageddon - Pharaoh Sphinx vs. Otokojuku

Djover was the first of the fighters of Pharaoh Sphinx to go up against Otokojuku in the Armageddon tournament. At first, he faced off against Kurosu Nobunaga, and managed to defeat him, although not without his pet snake Amehus dying in the process.

His next opponent was Akashi Juzo, who started out their battle by attempting to slash at him multiple times, with Djover successfully dodging each time, but then Juzo used his Straight-Line Style Technique: Sandcloud Storm, to blow up sand and then bisect Djover from behind.

However, like his predecessor, Djover miraculously survives this, and simply puts himself back together, going on the offensive afterwards; lunging repeatedly at Juzo with his punch dagger after he was reprimanded by Tutankhamen XV for toying around with his opponent. He then managed to disarm Juzo with his bandages, then following it up by stabbing him with his punch dagger.

Djover then gave Akashi Juzo an ultimatum; hand over the medallion, and he will spare his life, if not, he will kill him. Being a prideful and dignified man, Akashi Juzo refused, and thus, Djover went in for the kill, but was interrupted when the robot that Juzo decapitated early reappeared in one piece carrying Juzo's sword, and it attempted to slice Juzo in half, only for him to effortlessly catch the blade.

Now with his sword back in his hands, Akashi Juzo noticed something about the sands, and thus the secret of Djover's Harvest of Osiris. He then used his sword to unearth the real Djover and revealing the mummy as a puppet controlled by strings and rendering it unused by him for the remainder of their battle.

After this, Djover dodged Akashi Juzo's swings easily in his injured state, and then proceeded to use another technique of his, the Twilight of Naissus burying himself in the sand and "swimming" around in a circular motion for unpredictable attacks, but he was once again interrupted by Zhang Wukong who was using the mummy puppet as a disguise, and caught the blade of his punch dagger.

In response to this interruption Akashi Juzo threw Wukong away and climbed on top of the sphinx while Djover was distracted, and then sliced the sphinx's face off, crushing Djover, who managed to survive this, but was ordered by Tutankhamen XV to return to his side, and as he returned, he and the rest of the Pharaoh Sphinx fighters were trapped by the Mask Man's Tight-Bonding Chain, leaving only Tutankhamen XV left.

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