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Otokovival Otokovival 4 March 2021

Initiation Ceremony :))

Hey there!! I'm excited to have finally signed up and gotten to work on my first page. Glad to join you, First, Second and Third Years !! I've noticed this wiki has been in a small drought and it makes me all the more excited to work with fans of a series we all love. It's also pretty fun, too!!

I hope we can all get along with one another, and survive Otokojuku together.

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Fresh Pancakes Fresh Pancakes 31 May 2017

Help Wanted

Hello there, are you familiar with Apocalypse Zero? I never read the manga, nor have i watched the OVA for myself. But i would like some assistance. Weather or not it is making the wiki more professional looking, or compiling information, any assistance is better that none.

Any help is appreciated, and I added a link to the wiki below.

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Fresh Pancakes Fresh Pancakes 25 May 2017

Dear Wiki Contributors

Thank you for all the contributions you have so far made, an continue to make.

Every update repesents a babystep towards an officially licensed english release of Otokojuku material.

And for that, we shall continue to honor Edajima Heihachi.

As for me, Im just a fellow contributor, waiting for the day when Otokojuku gets licensed.

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Fresh Pancakes Fresh Pancakes 10 May 2017

Manga Licensing Poll 1

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