Name Benzaiten
Kanji 弁財天
Gender Female/Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Sodom World Council
Occupation Human Weapon
Personal Status
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 51 (Akatsuki!! Otokojuku)
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Benzaiten is an antagonist-turned-minor ally featured in Akatsuki!! Otokojuku, and is one of the only female fighters featured in the series.


Having the ability to freely change sexes, Benzaiten does not have a fixed appearance, and appears differently depending on the gender she/he is currently assuming. As a man, Benzaiten appears large and muscular, with a thick mane of reddish hair and red lips, perhaps due to the addition of makeup.

Benzaiten does not have a fixed female appearance either, as she appears as an elegant black-haired woman wearing a kimono in her fights with Otokojuku, and while on a date with Zhang Wukong, she appeared as a completely different-looking, but otherwise attractive Taiwanese teenage girl.

Due to her/his ability to freely swap her/his gender, Benzaiten is not limited to changing her/his entire appearance, and can change parts of her/his appearance at will as well. For instance, she/he can be female from the waist down, and male from the waist up.

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Powers and Abilities


Heavenly Sex Reversal (性天廻, Seitenkai): By changing the levels of male and female hormones, Benzaiten can swap genders at will. Her female form is capable of performing the Hades Lute Illusion, while his male form is built for hand-to-hand combat. The switches are instantaneous, she/he can perform partial transformations, allowing for a wide range of tactical applications depending on her opponent.

Hades Lute Illusion (冥界琵弦抄, Myokai Bigensho): In her female form, Benzaiten can use her lute as a hypnotic instrument via ultrasonic waves, causing hallucinations and delusions in her opponent.


Major Battles


  • Benzaiten may have the distinction of being the only female to successfully enroll at Otokojuku, albeit by technicality and not entirely to the awareness of Otokojuku's staff.
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