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Name Apollo
Kanji 亜葡論アポロン
Gender Male.png Male
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Olympus
Occupation Warrior of Olympus
Personal Status
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 171 (Akatsuki!! Otokojuku)
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You may call me Apollo. Now then, who will keep me company in battle...?

Apollo is a part of the new generation of Olympus introduced in Akatsuki!! Otokojuku. He is the first of the members of Olympus to go up against Otokojuku in the final round of Armageddon, and faces off against Kurosu Nobunaga.


He is a lean man with elegant and youthful facial features who has spiky light-colored hair.

Like most members of Olympus, he wears a toga, and he also wears a pair of shoulderpads and kneepads, as well as a circlet with a pair of wings on it.

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He is well spoken and polite, but he can also be cold and stony-hearted. He states that he hates the sight of blood, and tries to sink Kurosu Nobunaga in the waters of Antartica for this reason.

He has a pragmatic approach towards combat, preferring to destroy all the ice floes in that Kurosu Nobunaga was hopping to-and-from on so that he would have nowhere to run.

He can sometimes be cocky and overconfident, as he dares Nobunaga to hit him when he was taming Spottie, but came to his senses and dodged his attack.

Although normally calm and collected, he will become violently enraged if his face is marred by injuries, enough that he'll start fighting far more violently and forgoing his distaste for the sight of blood.

Powers and Abilities


Shining Beam (射偉忍虞美威夢シャイニングビーム): A powerful laser strong enough to destroy ice fired from the gem that Apollo wears on his forehead, which gathers the sun's rays and fires them out as the Shining Beam. Apollo carries around mirrors to use with this attack by having the beam reflect off the mirrors



He is the first member of Olympus to go up against Otokojuku, and faces off with Kurosu Nobunaga. He initially starts out by dodging his attacks before starting to use his Shining Beam on Nobunaga, and destroys all the ice floes so that Nobunaga will have no way to dodge his next Shining Beam.

However, due to Ando Hiroaki successfully completing the Otokojuku Speciality: Human Tea Stalk. Nobunaga is granted luck in the form of a Spotted Seal coincedentally providing some footing for him, and he tames said seal, whom he names Spottie, and begins to go on the counteroffensive with a series of Human-and-Seal Acrobatic combos and manages to bruise Apollo's face, causing him to become furious and begin to start fighting with the intent to maim Nobunaga rather than trying to drown him.

He fires multiple Shining Beams at the duo of man & seal, all of which miss causing Apollo to toss out a series of mirrors so that he can preform a ricocheting Shining Beam, which manages to graze Nobunaga's shoulder, injuring him.

When Apollo preforms one last Shining Beam to finish him off, he winds up hitting Spottie, who sacrifices his life to save Nobunaga, which causes Nobunaga to become filled with fury and dive into the ocean, being kept from freezing to death by raw anger alone, and re-emerging to defeat Apollo by crushing his head with his clogs, deforming Apollo's face, defeating him and sending him back to Zeus, who heals his face.

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  • The actual Apollo of Greek Mythology had a reputation as the most beautiful out of all the male gods in their Pantheon, so it's likely that the appearance of this Apollo is a reflection of this.

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